The United Republic of Tanzania

SELF Microfinance Fund

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Mshahara Loan


To enable employees meet their day-to-day household consumer needs such as purchase of household goods, acquisition of assets, higher education etc.

Target Market

Salaried staff [with a stable income] working in permanent employment and/or on contract employment in Central or local Government or any other Government institutions.

Product Features

Loan Term: Up to 60 Months

Mode of Repayment: Deduction from Employer payroll (Government deduction code)

Loan Amount

Minimum: TZS. 100,000,

Maximum: TZS. 50,000,000

Frequency of repayment

Monthly or Quarterly


  • Duly signed loan application form accompanied by Borrower’s Photograph
  • Certified Copy of the Client’s Identity Card
  • Certified Copy of the latest Salary Certificate
  • Certified Copy of the Letter of Appointment issued by the Employer
  • Certified Copy of the employment confirmation letter
  • Certified Copy of the Bank Statement at least 3 to 6 months’ duration
  • Confirmation sheet for recording of deduction code into the Lawson System
  • Independent Certification by CO and countersigned by the BM
  • Signed Loan Agreement