The United Republic of Tanzania

SELF Microfinance Fund

Mshahara Loan

Product Name

Mshahara Loan


To enable employees meet their day-to-day household consumer needs such as purchase of household goods, acquisition of assets, higher education etc.

Target Market

Salaried staff [with a stable income] working in permanent employment and/or on contract employment in Central or local Government or any other Government institutions.

Product Features

Loan Term: Up to 60 Months

Mode of Repayment: Deduction from Employer payroll (Government deduction code)

Loan Amount

Minimum: TZS. 100,000,

Maximum: TZS. 50,000,000

Frequency of repayment

Monthly or Quarterly


•Duly signed loan application form accompanied by Borrower’s Photograph

•Certified Copy of the Client’s Identity Card

•Certified Copy of the latest Salary Certificate

•Certified Copy of the Letter of Appointment issued by the Employer

•Certified Copy of the employment confirmation letter

•Certified Copy of the Bank Statement at least 3 to 6 months’ duration

•Confirmation sheet for recording of deduction code into the Lawson System

•Independent Certification by CO and countersigned by the BM

• Signed Loan Agreement